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College Prep and Advising for High School Student Athletes


Do you constantly wonder about the next step you should take in your child’s lacrosse development? Do you feel overwhelmed, or un-informed by the recruiting process? Do you worry that college coaching staff will pass your child by with no opportunity for a roster spot, or scholarship?  


If the answer is YES to any or all of these questions, then I feel I can really help you through this critical process.  While I am NOT an agent , my program mentors student athletes and their parents toward making well-informed, sound decisions, that will enhance their overall lacrosse development, assist them throughout the college placement process and in the end, set the course to an exciting  and rewarding college athletic experience .


What I do: 

  • Assess students talent (live and or video) give unbiased feedback, and help identify college campuses and college programs that are a potential fit.

  • NCAA Compliance review of requirements.

  • Explain, in detail, how prospects and their parents should communicate with coaches throughout the recruiting process. Prepare the student athlete to speak from himself.

  • Game enhancement, help the prospect improve, both on and off the field(life skills).

  • Video review of player & elite college and pro teams

The Process:

  •   Initial Assessment & Consultation, either via, phone, zoom, or in person.  After introductory, topics include, game assessment (film or live), college lacrosse overview and a general Q&A.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

  • A written summary with recommendations will be forwarded, and a follow up call to further clarification. 

  • Prospect is encouraged to schedule regular communications and meetings with Coach Sowell as they navigate thru the process.

College Prep and Recruiting Information

  • Assist in the comparison of colleges and lacrosse programs to help the prospect determine their potential “best fit” campuses

  • Explain the NCAA recruiting process in detail including timelines and applicable rules

  • Educate families on the NCAA initial-eligibility requirements and amateurism certification process.

  • Prepare the prospect for the college experience and necessary commitment level


Player Development

  • In game observation(at first opportunity), followed by constructive feedback.

  • Step two, lay out a plan to help you get better at both your strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Help prospect have a better understanding of the game.


Life Skills

  • Work to establish goals and objectives for high school and college

  • Help prospect understand the value of being a good teammate and how to be a team leader


NCAA Compliance

  • All prospects services are designed to be fully compliant with NCAA Bylaws

  • Fees paid to me are not based on placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid.

Current Rates

  • Initial Assessment & Consultation (required)  - $500

  • Standard Annual Program  -  $3,000

  • All fees are due in advance of services

To discuss this opportunity further, please send an email to Coach Sowell.

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